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  1. Cb.VIGO
    Patience is a virtue...may cause disbelief, and might break one's confidence! jUz bEin' REaL!
  2. Ralphchendafourie
  3. Ralphchendafourie
  4. Mocima
  5. Andrio leonie
  6. malama lubeya
  7. Andrio leonie
  8. Funsan Neptan Ngondo
  9. Cb.VIGO
    No matter in what position you find yourself in...Faith the key to conquer!
  10. Cb.VIGO
    The answer to the questions, "What's expected from me in this life?", Lies in discovering who you truly are.
  11. Lonely.Observer
    Are you a Question or a statement?
  12. Lonely.Observer
    Are you being entertained or in-detained??
  13. abbyneil
  14. tyronlee
    tyronlee on top off this planet
  15. tyronlee
    im new on this chat im tyronlee solomons add me on.facebook
  16. 11cs
    11cs slaykween
    send your number plz
  17. babymaker
  18. Gedeon solis
    Gedeon solis
    Im looking to someone to meet
  19. José David
  20. mixran
    I refuse to be basic!!!
  21. ujor friday
  22. sirnelson
    My head is the symbol of my Destiny, It is Fit for more Crown...
  23. Tbag50
  24. Tbag50
    Where All My Friends
  25. Tbag50
  26. Tbag50
  27. Tbag50
  28. Big6TER
    Big6TER is a Verified MemberBig6TER
    When your battery percent is 1%, anyone who calls automatically becomes your worst enemy
  29. Captain Cold
  30. priscilla