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About Us

6TERS Social Forum is a platform set to connect people all over the world irrespective of nationality, gender, ideology, and cultural orientation. The central objective is to shrink the globe to fit into a matchbox where you meet with friends, families, companions and associates.

At 6TERS we underscores the importance of advancing frontiers of the human knowledge, that is why we provide a channel not only to connect people but also to learn.

It is designed mainly to offer members and guests a forum rich in social features with the aim of taking forum and discussion websites to the next level; from just the static and not-too-encouraging user interface to a dynamic, lively, and exciting discussion forum that will challenge and spur further innovation in the online media sector.

"6TERS" means fertility; uniting creative and productive people to share and have fun together in one voice while inspiring and bringing smiles to the face of others even in dire strait and helping to find happiness, purpose and inspiration.

On this platform, we are anathemic to every and any form of discrimination. And we do our best to maintain equality and balance.

Lastly, we like to say that at 6TERS we are thrilled by innovations and we are progressive-minded. That's why from time to time this forum will sport new ingenious innovations and trends.

We at 6TERS.com welcome you all to this platform. Thanks for choosing 6TERS. We hope you enjoy a long and productive membership with us.

Best Regards

6TERS Team