How To Advertise


The list below is an overview of available advertising options and spots to promote your products and or services with or on 6TERS

- Alert users - it will send notification to all members with the Link to the website that is advertised

- Inbox - send short description of your business with a single image to all members inbox

- Follower - every new member will follow the account that is being advertised

- Promoted thread - thread will be promoted in form of notice at the top of page (site-wide or per forum),/p>

- Sticky thread

- Featured thread - front page only

- Banner ad

- Top image cover - background cover at top of page (the blue image pattern at top of page will be replaced with your ad)

- Background image replacement - it replaces the entire website background that appears in all pages

We will reply you base on your ad choice on instructions and steps to follow