Forum Rules

  1. Professional language must be used at all times - it's acceptable to disagree, but do it in a manner that wouldn't get you fired!

  2. Use appropriate forums - select a forum that best reflects your interest. If no forum suits your interest, you may decide to post in the General Discussion category or in Off Topic Discussions category. No category suits your interest? Suggest new one.

  3. One thread per topic - do NOT create 5 new threads in several forums to draw attention to your post. We read them all, and if we have an answer, you're more likely to hear from us with just one thread.

  4. No advertising - the exception to this rule is sharing a link to your products/services; this is acceptable in your signature.

  5. No bumping ( to bring up a post typically by posting the word "bump" or other words on a forum's thread ) for 24 hours - most of us check the forum once a day, therefore you'll get an answer no faster if you bump your topic two hours after you posted it.