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Nov 14, 2017 at 1:21 PM
May 29, 2016
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October 3


Enthusiast, Male, from Lagos

BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017: The five contenders Nov 11, 2017

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Nov 14, 2017 at 1:21 PM
    1. besties22
      BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017: The five contenders
      Find out more about the five contenders - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Naby Keita, Sadio Mane, Victor Moses and Mohamed Salah.
    2. besties22
      Putin insulted by meddling claim - Trump
      The Russian leader "said he absolutely did not meddle in our election", President Trump says.
      BBC NEWS
    3. besties22
      Dear money...pls come and seduce me If I refuse plz rape me even if I scream please don't leave
      1. Gray5 likes this.
      2. badeji
        badeji Nov 3, 2017
        It is good to have money
      3. Gray5
        Gray5 is a Verified MemberGray5 Nov 3, 2017
        I envy MONEY now
    4. besties22
      I just created a quiz, show some love and play:)
      1. Gray5
        Gray5 is a Verified MemberGray5 Oct 28, 2017
        I just did and got an average score...too bad!
    5. besties22
      Helena your city got a beautiful view on google :)
      1. View previous comments... 4 Comments
      2. besties22
        besties22 Oct 5, 2017
        Yes it is. I saw other pictures too. I love it
      3. Helena
        Helena Oct 5, 2017
        Realy ♡
        besties22 likes this.
      4. besties22
        besties22 Oct 6, 2017
    6. besties22
      You can now fart conveniently in public when you fix this to your butt :D
      1. Gray5 likes this.
      2. temiyeslove
        temiyeslove Sep 27, 2017
        Oh, mint fart? There should be another one for bad breath...
        Gray5 likes this.
      3. ganiyat
        ganiyat Sep 27, 2017
        Hahahaha so now when I fart you all feel cool :D:D:D:D
      4. besties22
        besties22 Oct 5, 2017
        temiyeslove, that will strapped to the esophagus . Isnt it?
    7. besties22
      Do you feel jealous when you see your ex with another guy or girl?
      1. temiyeslove
        temiyeslove Sep 27, 2017
        Of course I don't. And I don't have to
    8. besties22
      Pls friends, I'm in the market looking for wife material. WHICH textile company SELLS THE MATERIAL. Any idea?
      1. sexymama
        sexymama Sep 23, 2017
        World trade center sells. Unfortunate the company has moved to Afghanistan
        Theresa May likes this.
    9. besties22
      What's the fastest way to woo a lady? need advice asap.
    10. besties22
      This life is too short. Find your love and make love with him or her like this couple
      1. kemixlove likes this.
      2. kemixlove
        kemixlove Sep 20, 2017
        I wish it's this easy. Everyone would be in love by now:)
      3. lemonade
        lemonade Sep 21, 2017
        Lol! Irony of life.
    11. samir
    12. besties22
      Determination is not when you save 4 out of 5 lifes. Determination is when you played from level 1 to level 99 with just 1 life
      1. Theresa May likes this.
    13. besties22
      They try to bury me they didnt know i was a SEED. Now I'm the tree that won't stop growing and producing fruit for all
      1. Theresa May and Nancymo like this.
      2. lemonade
        lemonade Sep 21, 2017
        If truly wanna bury you, they sure know how to deal with your "tree". Let's just say, their ploy paid off: they just wanna make you become a tree! Lol
    14. besties22
      Big boy is not when you manage to buy iPhone7 and behave rude to your elders.
      1. besties22
        besties22 Aug 13, 2017
        Big boy is when your
        girlfriend ask you for money and you give her your
        ATM with the password and tell her to withdraw any
        Ladies am i making Sense?
        Any girl that thinks am making SENSE.
        Theresa May likes this.
      2. Nancymo
        Nancymo Aug 13, 2017
        This is so true. Please I'm waiting for your ATM card and pin code
        Theresa May and Maëstrø like this.
      3. Maëstrø
        Maëstrø Aug 13, 2017
        Am sure you will get it
        besties22 likes this.
    15. Emily
      Emily besties22
      Hii send me xxpics
    16. PAM
      PAM besties22
      Write something...hey wasup
    17. besties22
      This website is fun for me so far! Waiting for a mobile app if there'll be any
    18. besties22
      I follow who i want @[3106:Zwa1], @[7305:Wuatsop], @[7553:peterajct], observe!
      1. View previous comments... 4 Comments
      2. Wuatsop
        Wuatsop Jul 13, 2017
        Well, I follow the ones who follows me
      3. Zwa1
        Zwa1 Jul 13, 2017
        Where are you heading?
        Anthonysacpt likes this.
      4. Anthonysacpt
        Anthonysacpt Aug 26, 2017
        why must observe
    19. Matys
    20. besties22
      [4:Busola] how you doing
      1. Ralphchendafourie and Busola like this.
    21. besties22
      lolz, how many kids do we have on 6ters. [2720:Osazkid] help me out
      1. View previous comments... 5 Comments
      2. htweet
        htweet is a Verified Memberhtweet Apr 26, 2017
        @[96:besties22] we hope to see Wizkid too. lolz
      3. besties22
        besties22 Apr 26, 2017
        yes hopefully
      4. Osazkid
        Osazkid Apr 26, 2017
        @[96:besties22] obey osazkid. i'm prince so i fear not what you say. Back to your question, there are just two kids here, you and i!
        take it or you kiss your left nyash!
    22. tumise123
    23. besties22
      Catching vibes
    24. Ahmad shehu
    25. besties22
      That moment when u tot u found ur missing rib
      1. FAN WELL MOLLO and collinsetta63 like this.
    26. besties22
      Why do we wear suits to interview and official places. Why not our native attires?
      1. deniyi05
        deniyi05 Apr 9, 2017
        Be a leader by example. We will follow.
        temilola likes this.
    27. besties22
      How do I know when it's OK to be ok?
      1. mohdupe01
        mohdupe01 Mar 20, 2017
        When you have less to worry about
    28. besties22
      oh what a feeling...guess u copy.lolz
    29. besties22
      Any idea how to clear pimples from the face?
      1. tinuola likes this.
      2. tinuola
        tinuola Mar 15, 2017
        Use ur urine
    30. besties22
      Morning 6terians
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