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Oct 30, 2017
Oct 4, 2015
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October 30
fashion/Beauty Makeup


Amateur, Female, from Lagos

It's my Birthday today, yippee!! Who's with me to like or comment and i'll send you your share of cake Oct 30, 2017

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Oct 30, 2017
    1. Osazkid
      Osazkid tanny
      Happy birthday dear, wishing all the best -osazkido.
    2. Gray5
      Gray5 is a Verified MemberGray5 tanny
      May today herald the beginning of a new dawn of happiness, successes and greater fulfillment for you. Happy birthday tanny.
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    3. badeji
      badeji tanny
      Hello beautiful finest girl,happy birthday to you,longlife & prosperity babe
    4. tanny
      It's my Birthday today, yippee!! :D:D Who's with me to like or comment and i'll send you your share of cake :):)
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      2. nellygirl
        nellygirl Oct 30, 2017
        Happy birthday miss. Enjoy and merry :)
    5. tanny
      Hello everyone. Hope your day is beautiful
    6. BRAVE
      BRAVE tanny
      Hi Tanny
    7. BRAVE
    8. MountainDew
    9. Frodo
      Frodo tanny
      Nice b00bss
    10. alhaji Youngmoney
    11. tanny
      Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim . Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.
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      2. Phiwe
        Phiwe Aug 10, 2017
        true indeed
    12. Effiong
      Effiong tanny
      Hello dearie
    13. Eduado
      Eduado tanny
      hey dear follow back.
    14. thapelojustice
    15. Parrish Michael
    16. eyno
      eyno tanny
      Hi pretty
    17. Exclusive
      Exclusive tanny
      HW DO U FEEL
      GOD'S REFLECTION tanny
      Hi miss, i have something to tell you
    19. tanny
      Who knows how I feel?
      1. ganiyat
        ganiyat Feb 13, 2017
        How do you feel? At least it's going to be valentine in few hours so cheer up. @[88:Eyor1] has promised to take us to the cinema
      2. temiyeslove
        temiyeslove Feb 14, 2017
        Better feel loved. It's Valentine
      3. Ahmad shehu
        Ahmad shehu Apr 14, 2017
        You feel happy i want to have s3x give me your house address
    20. tanny
      2 Bedroom and 4Toilets ... Because it is sh*t I came to sh*t in this world ...lol
      1. Amara, temiyeslove and htweet like this.
      2. htweet
        htweet is a Verified Memberhtweet Jan 12, 2017
        The extra 2 toilets are like bonus for you. You can even convert it to kitchen if you like
      3. temiyeslove
        temiyeslove Jan 12, 2017
        Keep the other 2 till the first 2 expires
      4. Amara
        Amara Jan 12, 2017
        Hahahaha... All join Tanny, just sit for one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening and one for night... Lolz!
    21. tanny
      why is it tht 4 some people its ok to hurt somone?
      1. damifavor likes this.
      2. jaywon
        jaywon Dec 8, 2016
        Fingers are not equal dear
      3. jaywon
        jaywon Dec 8, 2016
        But remember, dont pay evil for evil
        pwetymoi tutu likes this.
      4. mahamet ls
        mahamet ls Jul 3, 2017
        To answer your question , Their heart is so handicap of feelings and respect for people's happiness.
    22. tanny
      give and it will come back to you
      1. mahamet ls and jaywon like this.
      2. jaywon
        jaywon Dec 8, 2016
        Food for thought
      3. mahamet ls
        mahamet ls Jul 3, 2017
        You are right. So right.
    23. HoneyBlinkz1
      HoneyBlinkz1 tanny
      Gud evening beautiful people.. How the new week started up well 4 y'all??
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    24. tanny
      Now that Federal Road Safety Commission are supposed to carry guns.... Make them kuku begin share guns to Corpers too.
      1. nellygirl likes this.
      2. nellygirl
        nellygirl Dec 5, 2016
        Funny, go to some churches, pastors having heavily armed bodyguards
        nifty60 likes this.
      3. nifty60
        nifty60 Dec 5, 2016
        in nigeria everything is possible
      4. teezhie
        teezhie Dec 5, 2016
    25. tanny
      @ dis stage in my life I now understand y my Parents used 2 do as if they don't know dat Christmas haf reach. Who invented d Christmas sef?
      1. mohdupe01 and HoneyBlinkz1 like this.
      2. HoneyBlinkz1
        HoneyBlinkz1 Dec 5, 2016
        Why abeg tell me...
      3. nellygirl
        nellygirl Dec 5, 2016
        The white man
      4. mohdupe01
        mohdupe01 Dec 6, 2016
    26. Small6ter
      Small6ter is a Verified MemberSmall6ter tanny
      Happy birthday Tanny. May the Hand of God lay strong on you and may you continually find favour and success in your endeavours. This new age will herald good tidings for you. You're cherished and most loved. We hope to be a part of your celebration next year. Keep us informed. Cheers
      1. tanny
        tanny Oct 30, 2016
        Wooow! All this prayers for me... Thank you. You r invited for this year. Rice is still remaining
        Small6ter likes this.
      2. mrdeekseen
        mrdeekseen Oct 30, 2016
        Sorry this is coming quite late. Happy birthday!
    27. tanny
      1. cutyfwesh
        cutyfwesh Oct 22, 2016
        How did it go. Nyt ballers...lolz
    28. tanny
      Why is it that people rearing dogs also look like dogs?
      1. htweet and hamedu like this.
      2. Nneji77
        Nneji77 Oct 18, 2016
        so funny lol
      3. hamedu
        hamedu Oct 18, 2016
        I've always noticed that too. I love to have a dog but i don't want to look like one
        htweet likes this.
      4. htweet
        htweet is a Verified Memberhtweet Oct 18, 2016
        That's funny bro. If you love to have dog why not give it a shot
    29. tanny
      Showers of blessings
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    October 30
    fashion/Beauty Makeup