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Wallet Support Center

Official Wallet Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using the Wallet and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Welcome to the Wallet Support Center.

If you're new to 6TERS Wallet, here are some pointers to help you understand the basics of the Wallet. Take a few minutes to explore the main Wallet page where you will see options about your account, transactions, etc.

Need further assistance? Contact the Wallet Support Agent. To join the Wallet discussion thread, click Ask A Question.

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Getting started is simple and easy. This is your Wallet A-Z guide. You will need to refer to it time after time until you are familiar with how it works.

Earning and Deduction

Earning Summary

- All thread comment earnings are limited to minimum 5 words and maximum 50 words.
- Gold earning for reading thread is triggered at every 5 minutes interval.
- Monthly thread comments earning is limited to;

  • 1. Regular = Unimited comments,
  • 2. VIP Classic = 500 comments,
  • 3. VIP Max = 700 comments,
  • 4. VIP Xtra = 1000 comments.

- When you connect one (based on your choice) of your social accounts, you are only limited to earning once

Referral Reward

To be rewarded for referring a member, the referred member must;

  • 1. have been a member for 45days,
  • 2. have 35 Trophy points

Blog Monetization (Coming soon)

Placing your own Google Adsense code or other advertisements on your blog is now easy with the all-new blog monetization feature.

Deduction Summary

Self-deleted threads or thread comments = zero (0)Karma deduction.
Moderator deleted threads = -50Karma.
Moderator deleted thread comments = -5Karma.
Warning point = -50Karma per each warning point.


Karma transfer

Transferring Karma to other member's wallet is fast and easy. Visit the Transfer page now to transfer to friends. Please note that you may only transfer Karma.

Buy Gold

Gold Top-up

If you need more Gold, click Buy Gold to visit the buying page.

Exchange Gold

Exchange Rate

You may only exchange Gold to Karma or Gold to USD.

Rate:1Gold = 10Karma or 100Gold = 1USDExchange fee = 5% of Gold amount exchanged. Visit the Currency Exchange page to exchange between currencies.


Withdrawal Request Deadline

Withdrawal is only available between 1st - 5th day of every month

Withdrawal Request Requirements

To request withdrawal your account must meet with the following requirements;

- Account age = minimum 60days old
- Minimum Karma = 3000Karma
- Warning = 0 or <5 points (Only users with zero(0) or 5 warning points or below are eligible to request withdrawal)

Withdrawal Limit

Withdrawable amount is limited to $50.00USD

Visit the Withdraw page here.


Receiving Payment

We will process all withdrawal requests and pay in real currency (USD).

If your account is in violation of any of our rules or does not meet with the withdrawal requirements, your payment will not be processed. It will either be returned to your Wallet until your account is in good standard or your Wallet totally suspended.


Payout = 25th - 30th of every month

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Terms and conditions apply. All 6TERS Wallet pages are subject to modification without notice.

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