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, Welcome to posts and comments battle room

"In a faraway land where order and custom holds sway, an evil dynasty is about to reign supreme in one of its obscure enclave. This dynasty would be one to embrace strife, encourage chaos, and champion deceit and hatred, but some have sworn to defend its honour and hold steadfast to accepted norms and orderliness..."

Dear 6TERIANS, allow me to introduce to you the WAR ROOM - where topical issues are debated, where individual opinions are challenged, where fangs are bared, and members are allowed to engage in a free-for-all... where there are no rules - except the ones you make!

This is where your assistance is needed to fight a war that will safely deliver the kingdom and help rebuild it. Some say victory in this kind of war is impossible, others believes otherwise. Please join the War Room posts and comments combat.

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Proceed to the War Room and let the war begin.

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