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How Terry Tha Rapman was Sleeping with My Fiancee, Sarah Ofili Behind My Back - Rapper Ikechukwu

Discussion in 'News > Celebrity/Entertainment' started by Small6ter, Jan 11, 2017. Views:252

  1. Small6ter

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    Nigerian rapper, Ikechukwu has stirred up a serious controversy after he recently revealed the reason behind his 2012 break-up with his celebrity girlfriend, model, beauty specialist and designer, Sarah Ofili.

    Ikechukwu and then fiancee, Sarah Ofili

    Featuring on a popular podcast, Loose Talk, Ikechukwu revealed why he isn't friends with Terry tha Rapman, alleging that the rapper was having an affair with his then fiancee, Sarah.

    When asked what his problem with Terry tha Rapman was, Ikechukwu openly revealed that the Kaduna rapper was instrumental in the break-up between him and his ex-fiance.

    He said, "smile in your face, all the time...back stabbers. That's how I felt"

    "I'm like damn, ni**a, you (Terry) was f*cking my shortie and you ain't tell? Trying to be my hommie?"

    Ikechukwu and then fiancee, Sarah Ofili (Photo credit: thenet.ng)

    Ikechukwu then went on to reveal that even after finding out about the relationship, he still kept it cool with both Sarah and Terry, while also trying to make his relationship work.

    "But guess what? I still played the bigger man. Once I got that whiff, I was still like, Okay...I ain't even tell her that I knew the whiff.

    "I see him (Terry) when I'm with her, I'm like. Okay...

    "Is that Terry on the phone? Tell that ni**a I said what's up...you know what I'm saying?

    "Oh that's your sister? Joy? oh Joy what's up, you're family...

    "After all, my best friend Chocho be confirming and confiding in me like, and be like yo, everything knows...it's all good.

    "But at the end of the day, after we went our separate ways, it came out that they (Sarah and Terry) always used to play,"
    Ikechukwu stated.

    Sarah Ofili and Terry tha Rapman

    The former Storm Records artiste reiterated that up until now he still finds it hard to understand how Sarah would cheat on him even after he did all he could for her to become popular.

    "Personally, I don't get it...You (Sarah) want the limelight, you claim you wanna build, you wanna grow, and you have all of that, but then you go looking for more, or that same thing somewhere else.

    "Perfect example, you wanted the limelight. You have Killz (Ikechukwu)...(taking) you everywhere like on a on a mantlepiece, carrying her everywhere like, 'you must build this profile, you must give this girl name'...then you free that and then you went to go f*ck with Terry. What the f*ck does he have?,"
    he quizzed.

    The Imo State-born rapper didnt quit without throwing a few more shades at Terry, as he remarked,"Did he (Terry) drop an album yet? Cos when I came back to Nigeria, that ni**a was up and coming. He's still up and coming, right?"

    The once-in-love Ikechukwu proposed to Sarah at Regent Square in London on Saturday, October 22, 2011 which coincidentally was Sarah’s birthday.

    A year later, the couple called off their engagement over rumoured allegations of infidelity on the part of both lovers.
  2. Eyor1

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    Hmm...... I do not know why I always feel that when a girl cheats, the fault is always from her man because if you should give your girlfriend all the attention she deserves, there will be no cause for cheating..... All my life, I have not been in a relationship with a cheating girlfriend because I press the right buttons at the right time.
  3. HoneyBlinkz1


    Eyor, dont ever say that when a girl cheats the fault is from her man, because you can never knw..if you say when a man cheats, the fault is from his girl most at times, i can manage to say there is some bit of truth in that.. If you like give some ladiea s everything, they can nevet be satisfied unless that lady haa christ..you shud hv knwn dat by now..
  4. HoneyBlinkz1


    This case between dis two ( ikechukwu and terry tha rapman) is very simple.. This girl ddnt knw wht she wanted..how can you be playing and sleeping around with two friends?? That is ****ed up.. So i guess cheating was just the girl's life style and she was craving for too much..

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