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In search of young artists

Discussion in 'Arts/Photography' started by Wilbur, May 17, 2018 at 6:09 PM.

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    Making creative work of any kind can be a solitary pursuit, and so, in search of solidarity, photographer Alice Zoo met a selection of young artists whose work she admired.


    Eleanor Hardwick, multimedia artist

    "When I first began to take my creative work seriously, I felt daunted by the life of a freelancer: the trials of building a career from nothing as a young person in London, the many hopeful emails not replied to. Loneliness was a big part of my frustration," says Zoo.

    "I set out to speak to other artists about these feelings that I felt with such intensity, often during the course of a single day: joy, disappointment, motivation, boredom, worries about money, and so on."


    Adama Jalloh, photographer

    Photographed in their self-defined place of work such as a studio, a bedroom or the street, the project explores the emotional experiences of being young and making artwork today.

    Kamal Rasool, musician

    Isabella Cotier, illustrator

    Tristan Pigott, artist

    Amy Blakemore, poet

    Andro Cowperthwaite, musician

    Clementine Schneidermann, photographer

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