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When Last Did You Change Your Pillow? Read These Important Revelations by Experts

Discussion in 'News > Health' started by Small6ter, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Just as your bed is expected to provide good support for your body, your pillow should also give you the right cushioning. These new revelations by experts will he extremely helpful.

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    Many people wake up with terrible pain on the neck, which they usually attribute to bad sleeping position.

    Of course, if you sleep anyhow, you may end up having neck pain. But experts are also warning that the type of pillow you use can determine the health of your neck.

    Sleep experts at bettersleep.org note that just as your bed is expected to provide good support for your body, your pillow should also give you the right cushioning to position your head and neck properly.

    According to the experts…

    • A good pillow should hold your head in the same relation to your shoulders and spine as if you were standing with correct upright posture.

    • If you sleep on your side, you may want a fairly firm pillow to give your head and neck extra support.

    • If you sleep on your back, try a medium-firm pillow to cradle your head with.

    • And if you sleep on your stomach (although some physicians caution against this position), choose a soft pillow to lessen the strain on your neck.

    • Using the right pillow is an essential part of building a perfect sleep system.

    When to change your pillow

    Many people don’t know that their pillows have a lifespan! They can use a pillow for 10 years without thinking of changing it!

    Yet, sleep experts say the timeframe for how long a pillow can be used often depends on its quality.

    • Generally, pillows should be replaced every year.

    • Some pillows may wear faster than others.

    • A simple test to determine if your pillow needs to be replaced is to fold your pillow in half, squeezing out the air.

    • In general, when you release the pillow, it should spring back into its original shape and fullness. If it doesn’t, then you need a new one.

    Again, if you notice the following signs, you should change your pillow.

    • If it no longer feels the way you did when you first bought it.

    • If it shows visible signs of dirt.

    • And if it feels lumpy and bumpy.

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