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    (ladies) if you find your husband and you father quarreling and when you get there before you ask what is the mater your husband said honey let us go and your dad said lady sit down there....... who will you obey??????????
    (guys) if you find your wife and your mother are quarreling and when you get there before you ask what is the mater your wife said honey let go and your mother said that sit down there......... who will you obey?????????? 1356998837372.jpg
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  2. Small6ter

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    Lol!!! Well, will saunter into the house, get a glass of water, sip, then look both of them in the eye and ask; 'hope you've both eaten, cos I'm hungry o'...If after that they don't get the gist that their rattling is unhinging me, then I'll just walk out again. Simple.
  3. ganiyat

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    @Small6ter that means you finally obeyed your husband. :D

    As for me, I'll turn to pencil in the hands of the 2 owners. I'll obey my husband first, give my father the chance to scream "sit down there!" Then I'll obey so I can give my husband the chance again to say "oya, let's go". Then I'll obey him.

    I'll let it continue like and see who gets among the three of us. Equation will solve itself that way since the two of them own me
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    Since I don't want to disobey them both I'll have to listen to them both. How I'll do it is left for me to decide. Cos I'll frustrate them both before they turn me to mumu
  5. teezhie

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    Has..this one is very hard.. No matter situation it is your mother is always your mother....you can get to beg your wife later when you get home...you won't wanna piss your mum up and let her feel that the girl has taken over you that you don't respect her anymore...
  6. Eyor1

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    Hahahaha, I like that, never thought of that.

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